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Why social media marketing is king?

Many of the now successful companies are looking for a viable option in marketing even before the Internet. Although billboards, TV commercials, as well as radio- and print ads in the past were successful, only these channels no longer meet the needs of today’s. Many people read the newspapers almost only still due to the cinema or the multi media pages. Social media is the fastest growing marketing channel but very few companies know the effective means to deal also with Social Media Marketing . Just wait and watch how this market evolves is not really the solution. Their business will always continue developing but finally have hateln also with the competition step. So why should you start as not with social media marketing? Money can be the argument, because the most social networks are free of charge. We note that it is usually on the Know-How of companies, that they go not into the social media.

Social media marketing attempts to combine different traditional media with new media. With a relatively low use, you can generate new contacts, win new suppliers, increase sales, and reduce your marketing costs in particular. In the meantime, almost 88% of all marketing professionals report that they record a massive boost of awareness and thus of sales with social media. Almost half of those persons that they have made serious and profitable new customer contacts in the past 12 months. Users who have spent 6 hours or less per week in social media also have an increase in customer contacts and 58% of the owners of small businesses indicate that they are using social media marketing even more still were able to reduce marketing costs.

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