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Effects Of The Global Financial Crisis Between 2007-2010 On E-Commerce In The UK


Hey guys, welcome to my dissertation topic which is Effects Of The Global Financial Crisis Between 2007-2010 On E-Commerce In The UK. I’m not going to fully share on my blog but if you intersted to see what i wrote? Please contact me on here



Tezime ilgi gösterdiğiniz için çok teşekkür ederim. Tez konum 2007-2010 Global Kriz’nin  E-ticarette Birleşik Krallık’a Etkisi. Fakat üzülerek söylüyorum ki bu yazının tamamını burada paylaşmayacağım çünkü emek hırsızları kaynıyor piyasada. Bu tez’e sahip olmak isterseniz neden istediğinize dair mesajı lütfen buradan attınız.



Acknowledgements of Erkin’s Dissertation

This dissertation (management report) has been completed by me, but there were a lot of people who supported me regarding the preparation of this report. I would like to express gratitude firstly my supervisor Dr. Navonil Mustafee of Swansea University. Also thanks to my friends and my family for their heartfelt support during preparation of my management report, and lastly I would like to thank to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih Katircioglu in Eastern Mediterranean University, who guided me and has always been a mentor to me in my studies.

Executive Sumary of Erkin’s Dissertation

 Financial crises directly affect people’s lives and lifestyles, and after 1929’s Great Depression, 2007-2010 the global financial crisis is last century’s greatest crisis has affected to each range of our life, and these affects were  not just constitute from numbers on charts. On the other hand, e-commerce is expanding with developing technology, and its stores gives opportunities to made business without the cost of inventory, which new trend of businesses in global world. Moreover the Internet usage is growing every day, its affecting to people’s and their business’ life style and behaviour. These two subject are appear different from each other but they were affecting each other in indirect ways. The main purpose of this management report is investigating the effects of the global financial crisis on e-Commerce in the United Kingdom. When it examine the aims and objectives of the study regarding to the results of this managementreport, it used quantitative and qualitative researches research methods to collected primary and secondary data. In this management report, there was limited time, that’s why close-end questions have been used in questionnaires to collected primary data. In order to better understand the popularity of e-commerce and its connection to global financial crisis 2007-2010, this management report include an interview which is another important method to collect primary data. It has been done with one of the popular e-commerce software developer in UK. Furthermore, collected primary data’s analysis done with SPSS and Excel applications, and results shown visually on findings section. According to the main results of primary and secondary data analysis, Internet become inseparable part of people lives, and parallel to this sentence social networking such as Facebook and YouTube which affecting to people’s life. The next results of analysis is reducing in people income after global financial crisis which cause decrease in people spending, and try to find out more cheap one from the Internet. Correspondingly to this result, people began to see the Internet is one of the simplest place to obtain an additional income. Therefore, there is a positive affect to e-commerce after global financial crisis but it has no directly independent reasons to development of e-commerce during and after financial crisis which like a domino effect.

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