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Welcome for All St Johnstone FC Fans

Welcome to my personal blog, I’m Erkin OGREN who Eskisehirspor Fan and lived 2-3 years in Swansea / Wales. Actually i was wondering Llanelli AFC on draws 🙂 But it going to be good be in UK again.  I’ll write with short notes, if you have a question you can ask via Twitter, Facebook or here.

– Eskisehirspor is most coveted football fans in Turkey with its band team and choreographies. I know there are 10000’s things written on net but i can say you are coming to the most educated and fun-filled city in Turkey, so you’ll enjoy for sure 😉 Transportation is easy but i read that most of fans planing to travel via Ankara which costly. There is no train services between Eskisehir and Istanbul cause of fast train construstion but if you give a list to us, direct bus service can be organized from airport.

– Otels and hostels in Eskisehir, As i said Eskisehir is really attractive city thats why our bedding capacity is not enough, so i advice make your reservation early. Flights from UK to TR is about 4 hours thans bus takes 5 hours from Istanbul, so its better stay for a night 🙂

– We have stadium problem still nobody know, what’ll be happen but 95% we’ll play on hometown. Stadium capacity about 15-16K and you’ll have 650-700 tickets on Eskisehir.


There are many things which can written but those first things in my mind, plz don’t hestate to ask

Good luck for both side 😉

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